You’re Going to Love This Illustrator’s Minimalist Makeover of Harry Potter

It’s not easy reimagining our favorite characters from Harry Potter or Star Wars in totally different looks. It’s what makes fan art so incredible; dedicated artists and illustrators come up with those images for us. One designer has done it again by creating minimalist illustrations of Harry Potter, Rey, Daenerys Targaryen, and more.

The project, called “Minimal Pop Culture,” was created by Amanda Penley, a designer and illustrator living in LA. It’s not the first time she’s dabbled in coming up with beautiful illustrations of our favorite scenes in books. This time, however, she wanted to focus on “the simplicity of what makes a character,” she said to POPSUGAR. To do this, she only used “simple shape[s] and lines” to create the characters you’ll see ahead. To her, they barely take any time to put together as she just changes different hair colors and other features of the head and body.

In doing this project, Penley hopes people “are inspired by seeing the characters they know and love.” Once you see some of our favorites ahead, you’ll definitely love them.