You’ll Want to Live in This Cindy Crawford-Approved Athleisure Line All Season Long

When you think of Malibu you probably think of three things: the beach, bonfires and Miley Cyrus. And now former actress and photographer Lyndie Benson wants to give you a taste of the Southern California Coast lifestyle with her new luxe athleisure line, BLEUSALT, that is so soft you’ll never want to take if off. Even better: It’s sustainable!

The 25-year Malibu local started BLEUSALT with the desire to launch a label that is “casual but still chic.”

“There’s nothing like that except for cashmere,” Benson told PEOPLE at the launch of her brand Saturday at the Malibu Ranch at Malibu Pier. “So I started to explore making pieces out of this beechwood material. It’s softer than cotton. It’s a tree that is sustainable because it propagates by itself. So in other words it plants itself in these forests. It’s the most amazing fabric. There’s no chemicals in it and it’s sustainable.”

The women’s collection ranges in price from $ 188 to $ 349 and includes a hoodie, wrap, jogger pant, button-down shirt, skirt and duster. There’s also men’s hoodie and button-down.

“I was looking for a certain piece that didn’t exist,” Benson explained. “When you’re in the sand or in the moisture, cashmere doesn’t work, this material does. And you can put it in the washer and dryer!”

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And when it came to vetting her new line, she turned to another Malibu resident and fashion tastemaker: Her close friend Cindy Crawford!

“Cindy wanted a certain kind of pants for tall girls – she likes those that kind of flair, so I made her a pair,” Benson said.

Crawford was also on hand to fête BLEUSALT, along with Lisa Rinna, Minnie Driver, Sara Foster and Jennifer Meyer at the Saturday launch event, and the supermodel shared with PEOPLE that she “loves” the fabric of the product.

“Lyndie has influence on me. We’ve been friends since before I was even a mother. She just has incredible style in everything she does, from the way she throws a kids party, to the way she hosts a dinner,” Crawford shared. “She’s just a very detailed person with great taste, so I’m happy to learn from her.”

Crawford added that the BLEUSALT pieces fill a void for “cute, everyday” clothing.

“I think Malibu is that perfect lifestyle where you can wear casual clothes pretty much anywhere, but you still want to feel like a luxe feeling, and I think that these few pieces are the perfect things,” she said. “I love seeing how everyone is wearing them differently tonight.”

Shop the BLEUSALT collection now. What pieces are you loving?

–reporting by Abby Stern