Would You Try Disney’s Popcorn Lemonade? What If We Said It Had Tequila in It?

At its annual Food and Wine Festival, Disney California Adventure introduced a new drink that begs the question “Has Disney gone too far?” (Of course, the answer is “never,” but that’s beside the point.) For a limited time during the festival, Disney will be selling popcorn-flavored lemonade topped with whipped cream and candy corn. It gets better: for a few extra bucks, you can add tequila to the concoction.

So, how does this popcorn lemonade cocktail taste? The jury is still out on that. On Instagram, one person who tried it wrote, “Well, it was interesting. It definitely tasted like popcorn lemonade!” In an attempt to more succinctly describe the taste, one person commented on a different Instagram post and said, “It tastes like you are drinking the buttered popcorn jelly belly. And then mixing it with lemonade.”

The nonalcoholic popcorn lemonade is available for $ 5, while the popcorn lemonade cocktail is priced at $ 12. Both are currently available at the Off the Cob booth inside Disney California Adventure through April 12. See pictures of the salty-sweet beverage ahead.