Whoa – Ree Drummond’s New Bedding Collection Is Shockingly Stylish (and Cheap)

WhoaRee Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, is releasing a new bedding line on Wednesday, Oct. 4, exclusively on Walmart.com, and we have a first look! Ree told POPSUGAR, “The defining feature of my products is there’s plenty of color going on and floral patterns. Not everything has to match. There are a lot of opportunities to build your own combination of things as you like them.” While we all know and love her Walmart kitchen goods, Ree said, “The bedroom was the next place I wanted to go [with the collection]. I’m a bit of a low-key interior decorator, meaning I don’t walk into a room and think of walls I can move and all these huge transformations. I just think, ‘How can I give it a little bit of a make-over? Dress it up. Give it some personality.’ I think bedding is a wonderful way to do that.”

On the phone, Ree said that she’s “just unpacking the boxes” of the complete bedding line, which features ruffle-edged sheets, quilts, comforters, shams, and decorative pillows. “I wanted to get the exact product the customers would get when they place their orders,” Ree explained. Of all the items, Ree did name a few favorites:

“I started loving the pattern Beautiful Bouquet and Rose Garden, because I’m all about the flowers. I’m so crazy about those patterns, but I’ve really fallen in love with the solid quilts. There’s a bright yellow, red, and teal. They look so pretty, whether you are using them as a comforter or draping them over the end of your bed. The decorative pillows are just a reflection of my soul. They are really bright, and you can throw them on the bed or even on the sofa. I’ve got some characters from the ranch. There’s a cow surrounded by florals, a basset hound, and a kitty from the ranch. There are little hints of my real home life.”

Take a look at photos of the entire collection, which ranges from $ 20 to $ 100 per item. While exact prices aren’t available until the line launches, you can buy the Pioneer Woman bedding from Walmart.com and Hayneedle.com starting Oct. 4.