Tori Spelling: Our fifth child ‘was like the rebirth of our relationship’

Tori Spelling is always touting her great marriage and lifestyle when she’s relying on her mom to pay for everything, had her accounts drained by the IRS and has been sued by multiple banks for nonpayment of debts. Just keep that in mind when you read her latest comments about how great her marriage is now that she welcomed a fifth baby seven months ago at the age of 44. That’s no shade on older moms, that’s shade on Tori, whose husband owes significant child support to his ex wife and who wanted a vasectomy several years ago, which Tori claimed they couldn’t afford. Judging from the luxury vacations they take, Tori decides what she wants to “afford.”

“Beau was like the rebirth of our relationship,” Spelling revealed at the 28th annual A Time for Heroes Festival in L.A. on Sunday, October 29. “We know how to do it differently now. For so many years, we kind of didn’t know how to find time for ourselves, it was all about the kids, because we did start having kids right away.”

But before welcoming Beau in March, the 44-year-old mom and McDermott committed to carving out regular date nights. Says Spelling: “Our time together is as important as our time with our children.”

[From US Magazine]

According to Tori Spelling’s logic, their fifth baby helped them find more time for themselves because they discovered date nights, which wouldn’t have happened without the new baby. I’m sure they’re doing low or no cost outings so they can pay back their overdue debts, right? This has been one of Tori’s talking points since the baby was just a month old. She told People in AprilIt’s like a new baby in a new relationship.” Bandaid babies are always a great idea. Remember how Dean told Tori when she told him he was pregnant that they just got their last child out of diapers and he thought they were in the clear? He’s 50 years old, loves riding motorcycles and playing hockey, and his oldest kid from his first marriage is now in college. I doubt he wanted to be raising babies at this age. According to Tori though everything is great with them, they’re so happy, the baby solved all their relationship problems and they have plenty of money to live the luxurious lifestyle they flaunt on social media. This is all Tori knows, this is the way she wants to live and she’s going to continue to act like everything is fine now. Maybe I’m just a cynic but sometimes I wonder if that’s the key to happiness, to just be so deep in denial that you believe your own hype.

Maybe Tori is saving money on makeup artists though. She either got an incompetent one, hopefully at a bargain basement price, or desperately needs to invest in a kabuki brush. Blending is key. Also, look at her eyebrows. You can learn how to do brows in ten minutes on YouTube with less than $ 10 worth of products from CVS. There is no excuse except being stuck in the 90s and thinking thin overextended brows still look good.



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