Tori Spelling And Her Family Were Escorted Out Of A Restaurant By Police

I’m sorry, all our operators are busy at the moment responding to calls about Tori Spelling or Dean McDermott. Please stay on the line” – is the prerecorded message one probably hears when they call the Tarzana police department. Open Post: Hosted By Meghan Markle Wearing A Long White Nipple Hat To Church  According to UsWeekly, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott continue to keep the police busy.

On Friday night, Tori and The Deaner decided to take their five kids out to dinner at the Black Bear Diner in Tarzana. At one point during their meal, several LAPD officers approached their table to talk to The Deaner, who was on his phone talking to someone else.  After watching Tori and The Deaner engage in “serious conversation, which means they were totally fighting, the police escorted Tori, Dean, and their kids out of the Black Bear Diner. The Daily Mail says Tori hopped on Instagram the next day and posted a Stuart Smalley-style confidence booster, which read: “I’m strong, I’m amazing, I’m beautiful, I’m wonderful, I’m worthy, I’m loved, I’m brave, I’m sweet, I’m happy, I’m me.

However, Tori might not have been telling the truth when she said she was happy. The Daily Mail has some pics and video from inside the restaurant the night the police were called, and she looks pretty pissed about the whole situation, but mostly with The Deaner. I wonder what they were fighting about? My guess is The Deaner lost it when Tori told him they didn’t have enough money for a second order of jalapeno poppers. “Tori, pleeeeeeease – you know I love my poppums!

This probably won’t be Tori and The Deaner’s last run-in with the polick. A source that spoke with Entertainment Tonight says that their marriage is a mess.

“Tori and Dean’s marriage is in shambles despite having a sit down last week to try to make it work. They made an attempt to use the tools given to them by their therapist to create a healthy environment for the kids but it isn’t working.”

The source adds that Tori is terrified Dean will cheat on her again, and she panics every time he leaves the house. According to the source, Tori has threatened to take the kids and leave on more than one occasion. She allegedly threatened Dean last week before her doctor’s appointment to take the kids and not come back, which is why he called he cops on her.

According to ET’s source, things are so fucked between Tori and The Deaner, friends are reportedly thinking about an intervention. I just hope that if her friends plan one, they remember to book a camera crew and secure a sponsor. They’ll have a better chance of success if Tori opens the door and is welcomed to the first episode of InTORIvention, brought to you by 1-800-QuickDivorce.