Tom Brady proves his Tiddle-like love for his wife with an ‘I Heart Gisele’ t-shirt

“Hiddleswift” was in the air and all over the blogs on Tuesday when Tom Brady posted this Instagram. It’s sad that this is our association when someone wears a “I Heart So-and-So” t-shirt, but that is the tortured legacy of The Glorious Tiddlebanging of 2016. How I miss Tiddles. The Tiddlebanging was so much fun. Tom Brady and Gisele – Tisele – are a pale imitation. Anyway, Tom and Gisele are still happening. He hearts her. Now you know.

Meanwhile, did you know that Tom Brady sat down for an exclusive interview with Oprah on OWN’s SuperSoul Sunday? SuperSoul Sunday is a really good long-form interview program where it’s just Oprah and the interview subject sitting there for an hour and Oprah asks surprisingly good questions. If anything, Oprah became a better interviewer once her talk show ended, I think. Anyway, there’s only one promo that’s been released so far, and it seems like Oprah is asking Brady some tough questions about Deflategate, NFL player protests during the anthem and more. I hope she asked him about his friendship with Donald Trump and his MAGA hat too.

Photos courtesy of Instagram.