This $5 Cooktop Cleaner Is Literally the Only Thing That Gets My Stove Clean

Hi, my name’s Alessia, and I’m the messiest neat freak you’ll ever meet. I’m the person who gets mad at her boyfriend for leaving three pairs of shoes right outside the closet door because it looks super messy, but then leaves her kitchen in shambles after preparing an ambitious recipe for up to . . . well, let’s just call it a few days. It’s not that I don’t want my disgusting, grease-splashed stovetop clean all the time – trust me, I really, really do – but up until recently, cleaning my stove meant trying a variety of different products, only to have them streak or cause the paper towels to pill all over the place (and having paper towel bits right next to flames isn’t really my MO).

I’m not sure if my stove is made of some weird material that was designed never to be clean, but up until I found Weiman’s Cook Top Cleaner, I was pretty convinced that I’d bought a joke oven, designed to make its owners live forever in a greasy hellscape. The nonabrasive cleaner, which is available at a variety stores – Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, supermarkets, etc. – says it’s for “light cleanups,” but man, have I put this spray to work on some tough jobs. Every time, it removes the grease, grime, and rogue food bits with ease. The best part? It’s literally $ 5 for a 12-ounce bottle that lasts through months of cleanups.

Ahead, find photographic proof of both my typical level of kitchen filth (don’t judge me) and what my stove looks like post-Weiman magic.