There’s a Typo on Trump’s State of the Union Tickets, and I Almost Wish I Was Surprised

Today in “well this is surprising, but also not really that surprising at all” news, there’s a glaring typo on the tickets for Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. I wish I were kidding, but unfortunately, my grammar-obsessed heart is currently too broken to make up jokes like this.

Ahead of the president’s highly anticipated Jan. 30 speech, a few members of Congress – including Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democratic Representative Raúl Grijalva – took to social media to point out a prominent spelling error on their blue tickets: they read “State of the Uniom” instead of “Union.” In the wise, eloquent words of Trump himself: this is just plain “sad!”

Now, our spelling-inept, covfefe-loving president isn’t actually the one to blame for the embarrassing mishap, as the Office of the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper is responsible for printing the tickets for spouses and guests of Congress members. The nonpartisan office told CNN that “affected tickets have been reprinted” and were “in the process of being redistributed” as of the morning of Trump’s address.

Naturally, the internet, being the savage entity that it is, couldn’t resist roasting the spelling flub. Below is just a handful of hysterical tweets about Trump’s “State of the Uniom.”