The Reason Kylie Jenner Is Being Mom-Shamed Proves the Internet Knows No Bounds

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Kylie Jenner made the decision to keep her pregnancy under wraps, but now that her daughter, Stormi Webster, is here, she’s loving showing her off to the world. People on Twitter have noticed and are mom-shaming the 20-year-old for having long fingers nails, which they think is preventing her from changing diapers.

Those are just a few tweets of people trying to criticize her parenting skills. A source told People that even though it’s stressful, the beauty mogul is enjoying every minute. “Kylie is one month into being a mom and still loving it. It’s exhausting, but she loves that she’s a mom and is honestly really enjoying all the responsibility that has come along with it,” the source said. “She absolutely gets her hands dirty changing diapers on the regular and is really attentive and makes sure Stormi is eating and sleeping enough.”

There you have it folks! Being a mother is hard enough so is it fair to try and criticize Kylie without having all of the facts? We think not!