Taryn Manning is upset that her stylist gave her a $200 dress to wear to the SAGs

SAG Awards 2018 Arrivals

We didn’t even cover these photos of Taryn Manning at the SAG Awards. She attended as part of the ensemble cast of Orange is the New Black, which was nominated for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series. While the OITNB cast once ruled the awards-show red carpets, that’s not really the case these days. Sure, the show still gets nominated for stuff, but I guess everyone has moved on to Black-ish? In any case, I’m not sure many people paid attention to Taryn. Apparently someone did notice that her simple black gown was an off-the-rack Adrianna Papell gown which costs $ 200. A lot of money for one dress, for sure, but for a red carpet dress on a SAG-nominated actress? That’s bargain-basement cheap. When the TMZ videographer stopped Taryn and asked her about the dress, she seemed like she was upset about it:

She says “it’s wack that my stylist didn’t tell me that…Now everyone else can afford it, that’s what’s cool about it, but it still sucks for me. I want to be in like a superstar gown … So the designer got a lot of press. She should pay me a lot of money.” Which is petty and stupid on one hand, and yet… on the other hand, I know exactly what she’s trying to say. Being nominated for a SAG Award is a big deal. Attending one of these awards shows is a big deal. You want to feel like a beautiful, glamorous superstar in a great dress. You don’t want to *unknowningly* wear an inexpensive dress to this big event. It would have been fine if she did it knowingly, and if it was her choice. She felt used by her stylist and by the designer.

After that TMZ video, Taryn clarified herself on Instagram:

Hey guys:) I first want to say I’m sorry for the comments I made while being bombarded by paparazzi about my stylist and my dress. Let’s be clear, I loved my @adriannapapell dress and I’m friends with my stylist @chaunielle_brown I felt so beautiful and I was proud to be there to support my amazing cast of strong women and celebrate our nomination. But styling should be a collaboration between the artist, stylist and the designer. I was completely caught off guard when all of the press about my dress was about the cost, which I knew nothing about, and I felt used for someone else’s gain. There was nothing out there about why I was there in the first place. I would have loved to embrace that my dress was affordable at SAG, especially since so much about fashion is unattainable, but I wasn’t given that chance. Every artist dreams of wearing couture on a red carpet if given the opportunity. But I am happy to be the proof that there is more to feeling confident, beautiful and happy on the inside than just a price tag #love ⚡️🤑🌟

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Again, I sort of understand where she’s coming from. She would have liked to knowingly made a statement by wearing an affordable mass-market gown, but it wasn’t even her choice. Her stylist gave her this inexpensive dress and I guess she didn’t ask how much it cost, and she felt duped after the fact. Is this the most important thing? Of course not. Taryn knows that too. But you have to admit – this was poorly played by her stylist, right? Then again, it would be interesting if this became more of a thing for stylists to dupe their clients into wearing super-affordable clothing. More Gap t-shirts and skirts from Talbot’s please!

SAG Awards 2018 Arrivals

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