Suicide: Rosie O’Donnell’s Ex Wife May Have Overdosed On Meds

New details have been found in the mysterious death of Rosie O’Donnells ex-wife, Michelle Rounds. The troubled woman was found dead in her bed surrounded by pill bottles!

“Medications were brought in with the decedent,” an Official at the District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office in Florida said. According to The Blast, the pill bottles were brought in as evidence in Rounds’ death investigation. Investigators are now hoping to question Rounds’ doctors to inquire why exactly she was taking the strong medications. O’Donnell herself suggested that her former partner suffered from a mental illness that could have very well led to her alleged suicide.

As new details are being found in the case, investigators are set to speak with the deceased’s family to question them about her drug and medical history. A source close to the family claimed to The Blast that they believe Rounds was “not thinking clearly” while taking medications for her desmoid tumors. While Rounds’ autopsy was completed earlier this month, authorities have yet to reveal the reason behind her tragic death.


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