Seeing Triple: Chrissy Metz and Her This Is Us Mini Kates Pose on the Red Carpet at the Season Two Premiere

Kates of past and present gathered together on the red carpet Tuesday for the PEOPLE screening of the season 2 premiere of This Is Us in Los Angeles.

Chrissy Metz joined the actresses who portray the 9-year-old (Mackenzie Hancsicsak) and teen (Hannah Zeile) versions of her character, Kate Pearson, on the NBC drama for a cute group photo.

All three ladies wore black dresses for the highly anticipated premiere, which finally revealed more about the Pearson family patriarch’s untimely demise.

During a Q&A following the screening, series creator Dan Fogelman said part of Kate’s second season story arc will find Metz singing more and more.

“She’s awesome. She sings next week on the show and it’s pretty awesome,” he said. Echoed Metz’ on-screen brother Sterling K. Brown: “Chrissy Metz is a beast.”

Of Metz’s shaky singing performance as Kate in the season premiere, Fogelman explained, “We made her sound a little more tentative. … We thought we had to make this a realistic situation for Kate. She is a 37-year-old trying to break into a tough industry that people have been working their whole lives to be a part of. It’s not going to just happen overnight because she wants it to be.”

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He added, “She’s going to have to work at it and that’s something that Kate’s willing to do.”

Metz, who earned an Emmy nomination for playing Kate, is loving how she can combine her passion for acting and singing.

“Dan is writing my dream life. I enjoy singing very much,” she told PEOPLE.