See If You Can Spot All the Ridiculous Things Happening in This Mom’s Grocery Store Photo

If you saw this family at your local grocery store, you probably wouldn’t be able to help doing a double-take. And this mom knows it.

Amanda Elder, a stay-at-home mom of two boys, shared a candid photo from this past weekend’s grocery run on Facebook and before anyone could take too close a look at, say, the pants-less child, she made sure to start it off with a “let me explain” opener.

“Jav is in his jammies because that’s what Sunday means,” she wrote. “Ash is in his undies because we didn’t see the seat was wet until after I plopped him in the cart. They have yogurt on their faces because they must be fed every 10 minutes, and they’re climbing out of the cart because we’re in the ice cream section. Despite the hot messes we look like, this was a really successful grocery store adventure.”

The only thing this photo needs is a few oversize bottles of wine buried at the bottom of the shopping cart!