Rand Paul Looks SO Uncomfortable Being In The Same Room As Donald Trump — Just Watch The Awkwardness!

That awkward moment when the president convinces you to support his bill and you feel ashamed for contributing to the destruction of American health care… but still have to act chummy with him for the cameras.

We’ve all been there, right??

Well, Rand Paul certainly has — and the Kentucky senator made it quite clear he did NOT want to be in the same room as Donald Trump at a White House press event.

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On Thursday, POTUS gathered members of congress to watch him sign an executive order on health care, which could radically transform Obamacare.

While Paul had refused to support the previous GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, he actually backed the president’s latest order which will allow some people to leave the Obamacare markets. But the senator’s face said otherwise!

Twitter users couldn’t help but hone in on Paul’s reaction to Trump entering the room on Thursday — immediately switching from a normal conversational mode to running-into-an-ex-at-Whole-Foods. See for yourself:

Jeez, that must be what every actress looks like when Harvey Weinstein walks into the party… Or, actually, Donald Trump for that matter…

Why do U think the senator looks so grim? Read some funny reactions (below)!

And yes, one vigilant user masterfully incorporated the Curb Your Enthusiasm music into the mix:

Welcome to the United States of Complicity, Rand Paul!

[Image via C-SPAN.]