Parents of the “School Clown” Got 10 Teachers Personalized Wine Bottles Because They Need It

Some parents get their children’s teachers gift cards, others get coffee mugs, but Jake Sommers’s parents had a much better gift idea in mind, and it’s one they assumed the teachers would appreciate: wine! Jake’s older brother DJ took to Twitter to share a photo of the brilliant gift that his parents personalized for 10 teachers in need of a big glass after dealing with Jake. “Our child might be the reason you drink so enjoy this bottle on us!” reads the label, which is emblazoned with a cheesing class photo of 14-year-old Jake.

“My parents always get our elementary school teachers a present around Christmas,” DJ wrote on Twitter. “Typically something small like a candle or flower to say thank you. This year they got them bottles of wine & replaced the labels with their own with my brother on them . . . Happy holidays.”

Happy holidays, indeed! Mary, the mother behind the madness, told BuzzFeed News that Jake is their youngest child and it’s his last year at the Catholic school all three of her kids have attended. When asked if her son was a “class clown,” Mary said Jake was more like the “school clown,” which means all the teachers could probably use a drink.

“The teachers deserve the wine, that’s all I’m going to say,” Mary said. “None of the teachers were shocked by it.” And as most eighth graders would, Jake thought the gift “was funny.”

While this is definitely not the first time we’ve seen this hilarious gift idea for teachers, it’s a special thank-you that gets us every time. Check out some of the best reactions to DJ’s tweet below and purchase your own custom wine labels here.