Open Post: Hosted By Shania Twain Canada-Ing Harder Than Any Canadian Before Her


My floor is now flooded with poutine, maple syrup and the happy tears of meese (that’s plural for moose, duh), because that’s what poured out of all of my orifices while watching this clip of Shania Twain come from Celine Dion’s Queen of Canada crown by riding into a football game during a snowstorm on a dog sled. And she was greeted by a Mountie! The only way that scene would’ve been more Canadian is if it was a hockey game, she was wearing a parka made from Cadbury Crispy Crunch wrappers, she was doing shots of Tim Horton’s coffee off of a BeaverTail and was profusely apologizing to the dogs pulling her.

The final game for the Grey Cup went down at the TD Place Stadium in Ottawa last night, and Shania Twain, who was the halftime performer, made a grand Canadian entrance before busting out some of her hits in the snow! The next time I’m in Canada and order an Uber, a dog sled playing a Shania Twain song through its speakers better pull up.

That Dep gel-encrusted spiral curl mop isn’t an homage to Taylor Dane or your cousin at prom circa 1991. It’s a subtle homage to one of Canada’s most popular sports Curling! If videos could be official country flags, that video would be Canada’s.

Pic: YouTube