No one should be surprised when a white supremacist retweets neo-Nazi agit-prop

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Even by Baby Fists-standards, this week has been especially crazy for Donald Trump. It started over the weekend, when he lied about Time Magazine offering him “Man of the Year” and claiming to have turned it down. He followed that up by using a racial slur to refer to a sitting US senator, which happened as he was “honoring” Navajo code talkers. The NY Times and Washington Post published a series of stories about Trump’s increasingly worrisome break from reality, his blatant lies and conspiracy theories and more. He’s also trying to jam through a massive tax bill which will wreck the American economy. And I’m just summarizing what happened through Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, Trump retweeted three videos from a vile white nationalist in Britain. The woman is Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, a blatantly fascist and racist “political party.” I won’t post the videos. Trump seemed to believe the videos showed Muslims “terrorizing” white Christians, but that’s not what they really were. They were disgusting white nationalist propaganda. British PM Theresa May even made the bold decision to publicly condemn Trump’s retweets, saying it was “wrong for the president to have done this.” To which Trump responded:

Spoiler: We are NOT, in fact, doing just fine. For all of the well-meaning editorials about This Time It’s Really Serious, You Guys and Gasp, Donald Trump Is Out Here Retweeting Fascists And Neo-Nazis, there’s just a sinking sense of overwhelming disgust. I wasn’t shocked that Trump retweeted anti-Muslim propaganda from a hate group. That seems perfectly on-brand for him. The problem is that no one is doing anything about it. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have sold their souls. Remember all of the names of Trump’s collaborators and enablers.

One last thing, from the Daily Beast:

In a previously unreported comment to the now-defunct Maximum Golf magazine, Donald Trump singled out a “young socialite” at his club at Mar-a-Lago by telling a reporter, “there is nothing in the world like first-rate p-ssy.”

The remark never made its way to print, as a top editor of the magazine forbade the reporter from putting it in the publication. But the former journalist who wrote the article, Michael Corcoran, and another editor, both confirmed that it was said by Trump as Corcoran followed him around at his Florida golf club for a profile.

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He’s not wrong – I have a first-rate, four-Michelin-Star p-ssy and it’s amazing. So amazing that I never waste it on third-rate dick and impotent, baby-fisted white supremacists. In the scope of everything going wrong with the world, it’s good to remember that the #NotMyPresident of the United States reduces women down to their reproductive parts, and then further objectifies those women by “rating” their sex organs.

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