Night Crumbs


Chris Evans went to DC to see Jenny Slate’s show, which means they’re either doing each other full-time again (probably) or they really are just friends and he’s the kind of friend who actually shows up to shit when you invite him. Note to Chris’ friends: If you ever need to be picked up from the airport, ask him. He’s the kind of sucker who will do it  – Lainey Gossip

Not only did Claire Foy have to suffer through sitting next to Adam Sandler, but she had to deal with him touching her leg a lot too – Celebitchy

Ex-Countess LuAnn is still talking about her bald slut of an ex-husband – Reality Tea

Um, sorry, Tom Daley, but you don’t need a lift in a car. Your out-of-shape-ass needs to walk! – Towleroad

Meanwhile, Donna Karan is blaming jet lag for the stupid shit that fell out of her mouth about Harvey Weinstein – Boy Culture 

Toss it back into the sea! – Drunken Stepfather

Wonder Woman does the “in deep thought while on the toilet” pose on GlamourHollywood Tuna

That picture of a cat in a Katy Perry wig >>>>>> Emily RideAJetski in a Katy Perry wig – Popoholic

Hello, 911? Please send an ambulance right away, I think I’ve just overdosed on insufferableness” is probably what many 911 operators will hear when Jennifer Lawrence interviews Kim Kartrashian on Thursday night – Just Jared

If Deena Cortese didn’t carry the duck phone as a bouquet, then fuck that wedding – SOW

What’s really strange is that Goopy Paltrow actually let dirty peasant cardboard touch her skin  – Popsugar