MTV Is Not Canceling ‘TRL’ Reboot – It’s Being Expanded to Three Shows!

MTV Is Not Canceling 'TRL' Reboot - It's Being Expanded to Three Shows!

Despite early reports, MTV will not be canceling their TRL reboot.

Instead, the network plans to grow the franchise to include three different parts, according to president Chris McCarthy.

The regular afternoon edition will return in April as planned, and morning and late-night offshoots will also be launched, resulting in a three-times-per-day schedule beginning in the summer.

“It’s thriving. We’re expanding the franchise and will have three TRLs by summer. TRL has delivered incredible growth on linear and we’ve experienced two to three times the growth in our video streams and TRL is big piece of it — and that’s why we’re expanding it; we want more.”

Total Request Late-Night began airing on February 19, and will be expanded to four nights a week in the summer. Total Request A.M. will also launch in the summer, and will be “pure music play” without commercials, as well as a traditional video countdown and music performances.

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