Mom Genes: What Our Mothers Taught Us About Style

If there’s one thing our moms have taught us – besides the importance of eating our vegetables, saying “please,” and sitting up straight – it’s how to find our own sense of style. From birth, these ladies have been there for our most fashionable highs and our lowest sartorial lows. From dressing us up in adorably girlie dresses to consoling us through those awkward phases in middle school, behind every chic woman, there’s a chic mom.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane alongside those stylish moms. With personal family snaps from real women across the nation, we present an epic roundup of the fashionable wisdom they’ve imparted over the years. Paving the way for us in rad ’70s wares, shoulder pads, and bikini tops, just keep reading to get in on the Mother’s Day love.