Mila Kunis has ‘hope’ for America: ‘None of this is permanent, this is a phase’

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Mila Kunis covers the November issue of Marie Claire to promote the Bad Moms sequel, Bad Moms Christmas. I recently saw a chunk of Bad Moms and man, I was NOT feeling it. I actually sort of dislike this “trend” of women-behaving-badly films, like women feeling the need to “prove” that we can be just as raunchy, gross and bad-behaving as men. Like, duh, we don’t need movies to prove that when we already have the Real Housewife franchises. Women behave badly, just like men. Now tell a better story instead of just doing gross-out comedy and casting pretty actresses in place of Seth Rogen. Anyway, sorry, just had to get that off my chest. You can see Marie Claire’s cover package here, and here are some highlights:

A storm recently brought a tree down in her yard: “It should’ve fallen onto three homes. The fact that it didn’t was unbelievable. We could get struck by lightning any second. So why worry? There’s something so empowering about being, ‘Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen.’ Over the past four or five years, I’ve realized how much I enjoy that feeling.”

The hurdle of making women-centric films: “I do sometimes come back from work like, ‘What the f*ck?’ But anger is good. It motivates us to strive to be better.”

She tends to spiral: “I overthink. I’m super-dramatic. Something not that bad, in my mind, becomes a catastrophe. I go from zero to a hundred. It’s a problem.”

On motherhood: “What motherhood shows you is how selfless you can get. I’m ragged tired. Who cares? My kids are healthy, I’m happy.’”

What she wants to teach her daughter: “What I want my daughter to learn from me is the value of hard work.”

Power versus success: “The real question is: Does power equal success? I mean, look at Trump. Trump is powerful. It doesn’t mean he’s successful, right?”

Her hope for the future of America: “I have hope for the future. None of this is permanent, this is a phase…and we will come out of it as a country.”

[From Marie Claire]

I think President Obama has basically said the same thing, that we should have hope for the future, that no matter how bad it gets, this too shall pass and it’s just a phase. That might have given me a sliver of optimism back in January. But now, in October, I have no hope left. There’s no optimism to be found, no part of this that doesn’t hurt. Even if I can go the distance and say that this is just a terrible phase, even if Trump gets impeached tomorrow, it will still take us decades to undue the damage he’s caused this year. Can you tell that I’m like Mila, in that I too spiral and overthink?

Photos courtesy of Kai Z Feng for Marie Claire.