Kate and Rebecca’s Relationship in the This Is Us Finale Totally Changed Course in This 1 Defining Moment

If you asked us last week to describe Kate and Rebecca’s relationship using movie titles, the first thing out of our mouths would probably be something along the lines of The Perfect Storm or Tornado, but the show’s season two finale painted the pair in a more hopeful light for the fist time in what seems like forever, and frankly, the timing couldn’t be better.

After weathering some hurtful comments from Kate for the first two seasons – something most mothers have experienced firsthand themselves – and admittedly feeling extremely self-conscious about her relationship with her daughter, the duo turned over a new leaf right before Kate walked down the aisle. And as you can imagine, moms and daughters everywhere totally gushed over the tender moment.

It all started when Rebecca got rightfully emotional at the sight of Kate in her wedding dress for the first time. After showering her daughter with compliments, Rebecca started to cry over the conversation the two had on the phone earlier because, as usual, she blames herself for Kate’s insecurities. Although Kate quickly took the blame for the tiff, Rebecca decided to pour her heart out to her only daughter and touched on some of the more tenuous parts of their relationship.

“I just want today to be perfect for you in every way that you’ve ever dreamed about,” said Rebecca. “And I know that sometimes I can make you . . . you know? So I just want to stay out of your way, OK?”

If you were looking at the screen with one eye open, praying that Kate wouldn’t say anything too terrible to her, then you were surely overcome with surprise when Kate opened up about how she truly feels about her mom.

“Mom, I know that our stuff can be complicated sometimes but it’s because all that I’ve ever wanted was to be like you. I want to be a singer like you. I want to be a mom like you. I wanna have a marriage like yours. Mom, you are not in my way, you are my way.” Honestly, if that line doesn’t put all of Kate’s past feelings of resentment into perspective, nothing will.

Obviously, Rebecca, along with the rest of the moms with daughters out there, let out a collective sob of relief. Seriously, we’ve waited two whole seasons for this moment! And although there are tons of unanswered questions still looming for the three separate fast-forward scenarios – one thing’s for sure: Kate and Rebecca’s relationship is finally on the up and up. Thank god.