Just Letting You Know Takis Fuego Azul Exist – How Do You Feel About That?

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If you grew up enjoying the delicious and spicy corn flavor of Takis Fuego, then you’re about to freak out. The popular snack has a radioactive-looking blue iteration that the internet seems to be desperate to get their hands on.

Our sleuthing reveals, the Takis Fuego Azul feature a bright blue shade, but taste similar to the regular Fuego version – though some YouTube testers are not so convinced.

If you can get pass the shade of the snack, and are totally intrigued, here’s where we drop some bad news: According to Takis’ Facebook page, the flavor is not available in the US, so you might be booking a flight to Mexico tonight just so you can get your fingers looking like you’re a member of the Blue Man Group. If a speedy trip isn’t an option or you’re feeling desperate, you could make your own. A food vlogger developed her own recipe to satisfy your craving.

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