Isabelle Huppert Premieres ‘Mrs. Hyde’ in New York City!

Isabelle Huppert Premieres 'Mrs. Hyde' in New York City!

Isabelle Huppert is bringing her latest film to the New York Film Festival!

The 64-year-old actress stepped out at the premiere of Mrs. Hyde at the annual fest on Friday night (September 29) at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City.

Isabelle looked so chic in a black suit, sheer shirt and blue shoes that added a pop of color!

She was also joined by the film’s director Serge Bozon and producer David Thion.

Mrs. Hyde is a French film about a teacher who is despised by her colleagues and students. When she is stuck by lightning she wakes up feeling the powerful and dangerous effects of the lightning bolt.

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