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The two gay Josephs!

Jesus was technically the original star of My Two Dads (his two dads being God and Joseph), but someone in Los Angeles took his story one step further and gay’d it up by putting a gaytivity scene on their lawn. Comedian Cameron Esposito tweeted a picture of the two Josephs and a Jesus that her neighbors decorated their front yard with for Christmas. Either this Jesus was truly a miracle, or their surrogate (Mary) is missing. Also missing is the Three Queens bringing gifts for Baby Jesus (an I Heart My Dads onesie, Celine Dion’s lullaby album and a set of Golden Girls plush dolls).

One of Cameron’s Twitter followers shared her own gaytivity scene starring two lesbian Marys and a Baby Jesus in a strapless rainbow dress thing.

Of course, some religious types, like the Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence, are throwing holy water at that sacrilegious sight and calling it an attack on the Christian faith! Yes, a harmless nativity scene is helping to destroy the Christian faith, but not protecting children who have been raped by priests isn’t. Okay, but you know, I too am concerned for that plastic Jesus, and not because he’s got two dads. I’m concerned because he’s got two parents who look like twins! That’s confusing. Those two Josephs are going to need to wear name tags. They’re the kind of couple who say, “Wha? Us? Naw!”, when you tell them that they’ve been together so long they are starting to look like each other.

Pic: @cameronesposito