Here’s How ‘Will & Grace’ Erased the Series Finale’s Flash Forward

Here's How 'Will & Grace' Erased the Series Finale's Flash Forward

The premiere of the Will & Grace revival just aired and one thing fans wanted to know was how the show would address the previous series finale.

When the show ended in 2006, we saw as Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) drifted apart and were later reunited 20 years later when their kids ended up living across the hall from each other in college.

Click inside for the spoilers on what happened in the revival’s premiere…

During the revival’s premiere on Thursday (September 28), we see Karen (Megan Mullally) zoned out on the couch with a martini in hand.

“I had the craziest dream. You were there and you were there,” she tells Will and Grace before telling Jack (Sean Hayes) that he wasn’t there.

“In my dream, Will was living with a swarthy man in uniform and Grace was married to a Jew doctor,” Karen said referring to his now-ex Vince D’Angelo (Bobby Cannavale) and Grace’s ex-husband Leo Markus (Harry Connick Jr.).

“Yeah, we were. But we’re single now,” Will replies.

“That tracks. What happened to the children you had who grew up and got married to each other?” Karen the says to which Will responds, “That never happened.

“Ugh, what a relief. Nobody wants to see you two raise kids,” Karen replies back.

It was all a dream!

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