Gregg Sulkin Goes Shirtless & Flashes His Abs for RAW

Gregg Sulkin Goes Shirtless & Flashes His Abs for RAW

Gregg Sulkin is getting steamy in his new shoot for the latest issue of our online magazine RAW!

Here’s what the 25-year-old Faking It actor had to share with the mag:

On first wanting to become an actor: “I never wanted to be an actor. I just wanted to play football (soccer), and I just never really took an interest in acting and film. I never took a passion in it until I was about 9 years old and I dressed up as a girl in a school play. (laughs) And then I put socks down my top or a very tight skirt and at the end of the evening, my mum is like, ‘Oh, you’re actually very good!’ I didn’t think anything of it. A couple of years later, my mum told me to go to an audition, and I didn’t want to go, but part of me always thought to myself, ‘A few years ago, that was so fun. I loved that show. I loved doing that one performance.’ And so it was that school play that was the time when I actually caught the acting bug, and I landed my first professional job in England on a movie called Sixty Six.”

On his Dwayne Johnson-esque career goals: “So many. I feel like I haven’t even started. (laughs) You know how Dwayne Johnson is right now? I would love to basically replicate his career. I would like to own a production company that had 30 different projects going on all at once. I love acting, I’ve always been so grateful for people to hire me as an actor, but at the same time, I just love the whole production side of stuff. I’m also a bit of a control freak so I thought I could actually be quite good at assembling a whole 100 people together putting their best foot forward doing a show or a movie.”

Gregg also revealed that he loves writing poetry and songs in his free time, he wants as many kids as he can afford, and more! Head to to hear what he had to say.

Watch Gregg hilariously take on the Word Play challenge below.

Gregg Sulkin for RAW’s Word Play

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