Former Disney Star Orlando Brown Arrested in His Underwear for an Outstanding Warrant: Report

Bounty hunters descended on a home in Las Vegas on Friday and arrested That’s So Raven alum Orlando Brown, capturing the former Disney Channel star for an outstanding warrant, TMZ reported.

According to video of the raid obtained by the outlet, Brown, 30, was hiding in a closet on the second floor of the residence when he was found by bounty hunters during their 6:30 a.m. raid. He was barefoot, wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt.

When Brown asked the bounty hunters, who were armed with guns and riot gear, if he could put on pants, Brown was ignored — with cuffs being placed on his arms and legs instead, the video showed.

The bounty hunter, named Lucky, told TMZ that he had legal paperwork and warrant to enter the property to look for Brown.

Brown is being brought back to Los Angeles County, where a judge issued a warrant for him last month after he failed to appear in court for allegedly striking his girlfriend, TMZ reported. (Authorities in Torrance and Barstow, California declined to confirm specifics about the case when contacted by PEOPLE, and a rep for Brown could not be found.)

Disney Channel fans will remember Brown’s portrayal as Eddie Thomas in That’s So Raven, which originally ran from 2003 to 2007, as well as his work as Sticky Webb in the network’s animated show The Proud Family.

In 2014, a woman told police that the actor had threatened to kill her and her daughter. He agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors and paid a minimal fine.

It is unclear if Brown has retained legal counsel.