Fiona the Baby Hippo’s Dad Henry Dies After Battling Infection

The Halloween fun at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has been darkened by tragic news.

On Tuesday, the zoo announced that 36-year-old Henry, Fiona the baby hippo’s dad, has died.

This announcement follows a difficult month for the large male hippo. On Oct. 10, the zoo shared on Twitter that Henry wasn’t feeling well.

“Henry’s had a rough week — still little appetite & is losing weight. Our care team is doing everything to help him. Please send good vibes,” reads the first post about Henry’s declining health.

Over the following weeks, Henry went to several vet exams, leading to sporadic closures of the hippo exhibit. The 3500-lb. hippo’s initial blood tests showed he was fighting an infection. The zoo responded by administering antibiotics and making sure Henry got the rest and care he needed in his weakened state.

On Oct. 20, Henry’s health appeared to improve. The zoo Tweeted that Henry’s infection and abnormal kidney function, which keepers feared wasn’t treatable, had been responding to treatment and medication.

Unfortunately, Henry’s spunk and fight wasn’t enough to pull him through.

This is a difficult loss for the zoo and #TeamFiona — the large group of Fiona the baby hippo fans who’ve fallen in love with the premature calf and her family over the past 10 months.

Our thoughts go out to Fiona, her mother Bibi and the Cincinnati Zoo during this time of mourning.