E.L.F. Cosmetics Just Launched a $2 Product That Will Fix Your Cat Eye

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The cat-eye struggle is real, and reapplying that wing 20 times is not an ideal way to start your day (or evening, for that matter). There are a slew of products out there that promise a quick fix – some work, some don’t – but maybe we should follow Occam’s razor here and choose the simplest solution . . .

If that’s the case, the new E.L.F. Cosmetic Line and Define Eye Tape ($ 2) is perhaps the answer to our winged prayers. It’s as straightforward as it gets: skin-safe tape that you apply in an angle at your eye. The tape creates a barrier between your liner and your skin, revealing a supercrisp wing once you remove it. For $ 2, you get 40 strips, which is a dang good deal, and you can shop it all at elfcosmetics.com.