Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Channels Tom Hanks in Big By Playing a Giant Piano with His Feet!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just added another skill to his already impressive resume: playing the piano — with his feet!

The wrestler-turned-actor, 45, fulfilled his childhood dream of learning to play a song with the musical instrument… but with a twist.

“As a kid I had this dream of playing my favorite ragtime song, ‘The Entertainer’ from Marvin Hamlisch on piano. But I truly sucked at piano. Until I started using my feet,” he captioned the Instagram video shared Sunday afternoon.

The tune, written by jazz musician Scott Joplin, was popularly adapted by Hamlisch for the film classic The Sting in 1973.

“And that’s why it’s called #TheSting,” Johnson added.

After a few deep breaths and loosening up, Johnson steps on the mat that resembles piano keys. He then channels his inner Tom Hanks in Big to almost flawlessly play the tune — and only loses his balance once or twice.

When he’s done, the Moana star jokingly straightens out his t-shirt and brushes off his shoulder before sauntering away.

Fans applauded the hallway performance, with some taking this as the actor’s audition for a sequel to Big.

“Now the rocks in the remake of BIG,” one fan commented.

Another added, “Only the rock and tom hanks can pull this off.”

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Johnson also gave filming credit to his “my partner in rhyme and grind,” girlfriend Lauren Hashian, who is pregnant with the couple’s second daughter. (The actor also has an older daughter Simone Garcia Johnson, 16, from a previous relationship.)

“I feel good,” Johnson said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last month, referring to having a house full of women. “I was raised by women all my life, basically. And this is my third daughter. surrounded by estrogen. Bring on the estrogen!”