Don’t Be Surprised If Amal Clooney Wears These Spring ’18 Looks Right Off the Runway

For the past few months, Amal Clooney has been busy taking care of her twins. Now, the human rights lawyer is slowly making more public appearances like on dinner dates with George and at work. Despite all her new obligations, Amal still manages to take the time to dress up when she steps out. Just recently she showed off a pair of Monse striped trousers and a Bottega Veneta suit.

These outfits prove Amal has skillfully mastered the post-pregnancy style and it won’t be long before this mama has an entirely fresh new wardrobe. She may already be looking at the Spring ’18 runways for inspiration, and we’d like to think we know exactly what she’ll shop for. Read on to see what we hope Amal will wear as she continues to embrace the spotlight.