Colin Firth’s Wife’s ‘Stalker’ Speaks Out, Slams Their Claims

Colin Firth's Wife's 'Stalker' Speaks Out, Slams Their Claims

Marco Brancaccia, the journalist who is being accused of stalking Colin Firth‘s wife Livia Giuggioli, is speaking out with his side of the story.

If you missed it, it was revealed that Livia had an affair with Marco while briefly separated from Colin between 2015 and 2016. Now the couple has accused him of stalking her.

“The reality is that Livia and I have known each other since we were youths, then in 2015-2016 we had an 11-month love affair,” Marco told People. “After it ended in June 2016 I never called her again. I did send her two WhatsApp messages, one happy birthday [text message] and an email to Colin, the latter which I truly regret.”

He continued, “It was sent out in a moment of frustration, sadness — a terrible moment. In the email to Colin — which now in retrospect I truly regret sending — I informed him of the affair I had with Livia. I would never now send that email. It was a terrible mistake, so much so that I even apologized. But to go from that to being made out to be a stalker is just not right.”

Marco said he wrote the email after he saw Colin and Livia together on TV.

“It hurt me very much so I wrote to him and told him everything about our affair. After a couple of days he answered. He was polite. He wrote something along the lines of, ‘You hurt me, but I understand that you are hurting too.’ After that, I never got in touch with them again,” Marco added. On how serious their affair was, he said, “We would try and see each other as often as we could as it was a real love affair, for the two of us. We would speak on a daily basis and write WhatsApp messages during the day. Due to the different time zones often I would wake up to her messages as she would to mine. It was a love story.”

“I asked her when she would tell Colin, she abruptly ended the relationship,” he added. “I have never threatened Livia or any other member of her family.”

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