Claire Foy Promotes Her Beautiful Film ‘Breathe’ on ‘The Late Show’ – Watch Here!

Claire Foy Promotes Her Beautiful Film 'Breathe' on 'The Late Show' - Watch Here!

Claire Foy made an appearance The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday (October 13) and dished all about her “beautiful film” Breathe!

The film follows the true story of Diana’s (Claire) husband Robin Cavendish (played by Andrew Garfield), who was bedridden due to the devastating effects of polio and how he overcame tragedy.

“I think we sort of forget that previously people in the medical profession just wanted to take care of people and so if people were severely disabled the safest place to be was in the hospital,” Claire explained to Stephen. “Robin went through a really severe depression when he was paralyzed and he said to his wife, ‘the only way I can survive or keep living is if I get out of this hospital’. And so he was the guinea pig. He was the test for everything and they invented the first ever wheel-chair that people on a respirator can live a full and happy life.”

“It’s a beautiful film. They were the most incredible, witty people who really dealt with a terrible situation with humor, love and brilliance,” Claire continued. “It’s great.”

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