Ben Affleck Might Have Introduced Lindsay Shookus To Jennifer Garner

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If the rumors are to be believed, then this might technically be Lindsay Shookus’ second meeting with Jennifer Garner. But it’s definitely the first that didn’t begin with an aggressive tap on the shoulder from behind and nervous gasps from onlookers. A source tells X17 that after having lunch in Brentwood on Saturday, Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus met with Mama Bear Garner at her home in Pacific Palisades and hung out for about an hour.

The source says:

“Ben and Lindsay looked so happy to finally be making their relationship legit with Jen. They’ve had to tiptoe around and Jen has resisted having the kids hang out with Lindsay. Ben was dressed up and seemed to really want to make a good impression on Jen – like how clean and healthy he looks. Lindsay looked a little nervous but was getting support from Ben.”

Gossip Cop calls BS on X17’s story. They say that Ben and Lindsay were photographed out in Brentwood on Saturday, but that there was no evidence they swung by Jen’s house after. What kind of evidence do they need? An ER report showing Lindsay was admitted with a busted ear drum after Jen called her a homewrecker at 120 dB from across her coffee table?

I’m sure their in-home meeting couldn’t have been that awkward. Except for the part where Jen pulled Lindsay aside and warned her, woman to woman, that unless she wants a pouty Ben all Christmas morning, she better get her ass in gear and start tracking down the autographed Tom Brady football he asked for.