Andrew Morton: Meghan Markle had only become single ‘recently’ when she met Harry

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The New York Post has published an excerpt from Andrew Morton’s e-book, Meghan, A Hollywood Princess. I’ve been saying that it sounded like Morton had merely spoken to the people who had gotten dumped by Meghan Markle over the years, from her ex-husband to her tacky friends (who were eager to sell her out). But this excerpt makes me think that Morton had a few sources who are still IN Meghan’s circle, or perhaps Harry’s circle, or perhaps both. This excerpt details how Meghan and Harry were first set up on their blind date, and everything around it. It’s an interesting read, for what it’s worth. Morton actually puts down a good timeline. Here are some details I found notable:

In June 2016, Meghan was flying from Greece to London. She had organized a bachelorette party on the island of Hydra for her college friend Lindsay Jill Roth. Meg was maid of honor, and she organized the long weekend, then she flew to London.

Where Meghan was romantically at the time: Morton writes: “Meghan’s own relationship with Canadian chef and restaurateur Cory Vitiello had recently ended, having withered on the vine as both of their lives became busier and busier, and she likely relished time away from Toronto and the house they had shared there.”

Why she was in London: “She was officially flying to London for a week to promote the upcoming season of “Suits” and to attend Wimbledon as a guest of Ralph Lauren’s fashion house. And, although the newly single actress was open to finding new love, she never expected to be set up with a real-life prince charming.” She attended Wimbledon, watched Serena Williams win, and went out for drinks with “Twitter buddy” Piers Morgan.

It was during that trip to London that she met Violet von Westernholz: “While in London, reportedly from the end of June until early July, Meghan was working closely with Violet von Westenholz, a Ralph Lauren public relations executive. “How much more can I adore this gem,” an effusive Meghan wrote on Instagram of her new bestie. Not only is von Westenholz a well‑connected fashion maven, but her father, interior designer Baron Piers von Westenholz, is a friend of Prince Charles. For years Violet and her sister Victoria had joined Princes Charles, William and Harry on annual skiing trips to Switzerland. In fact, Victoria was once seen as a possible match for Harry. Instead, it seems likely that Violet set up Meghan and the prince on their blind date, which probably took place at Soho House during her visit to the city.

Harry in his 20s: “He [had become] notorious as an angry drunk who lurched out of London nightclubs, ready to throw a punch at the paparazzi who dogged his every footstep….For years, he was carefully protected by highly paid public relations professionals who smoothed over his public escapades….If Meghan had been in his life at that time, she would not have been impressed by his casual racism. Nor were others. “He was a very lost young man,” a former royal official told me. “Harry was deeply troubled, unhappy, and immature, imbued with the slanted, quietly racist views of those from his class and background.”

Meghan’s friend Markus Anderson helped facilitate the first date: “While Violet von Westenholz had the royal connections, Meghan’s friend Markus Anderson, the brand ambassador for Soho House who had just vacationed in Madrid with the actress, was on hand to rustle up a private room at the members-only club for an intimate evening away from prying eyes.”

Harry’s mood for the blind date: Harry had just returned from France, where he was helping to commemorate the Battle of Somme. Morton writes, “He returned to London in somber spirits…Until the day of the blind date. Upon meeting Meghan and learning that she had given a speech at a UN forum, the prince realized — as he subsequently confessed — that he would have to up his game.”

Harry locked down a second date during their first date: They had their first date and said their goodbyes without anyone inviting the other back to his or her place (ie, they didn’t sleep together on the first date). But Harry had asked her out for the next day and Meghan “perhaps wondered if she had been too eager to accept his invitation to meet again the following day.” She was due back in Toronto on July 5. She and Harry reportedly saw each other several days in a row. And then, Morton writes: “When Harry asked if she would be interested in joining him on a safari for a few days in August — mere weeks after their first meeting — she found herself saying, “Yes, please.” And after that, it was love. They were already planning their future together.

[From Page Six]

Several things interest me all at once. One, Morton’s timeline says that Meghan was fully single when she went on her first date with Harry. Other sources, in the past, claimed that Meghan and Cory Vitiello weren’t officially over though. Do you believe Morton? Two, I actually believe that everything was fast-tracked and they just hit it off right away. His light was on (SATC reference). He was ready. He was looking for someone to marry and Meghan was right there and they sparked. Three, how well-connected was Meghan already? She wasn’t even the lead in her cable drama and she was getting invitations to Wimbledon from the Ralph Lauren brand? Wow. And she was close friends with the Soho House guy. Meghan and Harry were already sort of in each other’s circles, it feels like. It was almost as if it was just a matter of time before they met. Destiny.

Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle during a visit to Cardiff Castle as part of their royal duties

Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle during a visit to Cardiff Castle as part of their royal duties

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Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle during a visit to Cardiff Castle as part of their royal duties Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle during a visit to Cardiff Castle as part of their royal duties Harry Meghan Birmingham Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day Harry Meghan Northern Ireland